Platformer PRO Coming Soon!

After a lot of effort by myself and a number of collaborators (special thanks to Robin Ball), Platformer PRO is almost ready for release. It is expected that a closed beta will start in February. Pending the outcome of that beta the public release will soon follow.

Sorlo By Two for iOS

Sorlo is always thinking about two things at once... and now you will be two in this challenging platformer.

2D Character System

The 2D Character System is a set of layered character art and easy to use supporting code which enables you to build a vast array of animated 2D characters.

City Builder Starter Kit

Use the City Builder Starter Kit to create City Building games like DragonVale, Simpsons Tapped Out or Clash of Clans.

Chains of Command - First Look

Chains of command is a CCG/TCG which aims to build on the work I did on Magic Chains. The setting has changed to a space battle and ...

2D Platform Controller

The 2D platform controller will soon be available on the Unity Asset Store. Once released I'll be posting some documentation, tutorials ...

Spellchain for iOS

Spellchain is a FREE strategy card game by Twofish Kft. JNA Mobile was a key contributor to the development of this project...